Jessica Alba Perfect Teeth

We've showcased some pretty amazing teeth on this blog in the past, however one of my persoanl favorite sets of pearly whites belongs to the stunningly beautiful actress, Jessica Alba.

And in a world of teeth whitening products which often leave or smiles actually glowing, Jessica Alba seems to have a pleasantly all natural shade of healthy white teeth. What an admirable smile she has!

Vanessa Hudgens Beautiful White Teeth

Vanessa Hudgens is one of the latest fresh faces on the Hollywood scene, and she arrived with a sensationally stunning white smile. She will certainly be a positive influence to the young ladies around the globe, unlike many of our favorite troubled celebrity role models.

Beyonce Pearly WhiteTeeth

Singer, actress, beauty extraordinaire Beyonce has a sensationally nice white pair of pearly white teeth, which is setting an amazing example for all her young fans. Kick the candy and and save your smile, kids!